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Let your Music shine at the highest level with Meloo Template featuring a responsive design, continuous music playback, event integration & SCAMP music player.

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Built-in music support
Music Player

Scamp Music Player is the industry standard music player for a fully responsive design that scales automatically to suit any device, features lightning fast load times yet stays lightweight.

Users can’t be wrong

Player Features

During browsing session the player stores tracklist & tracks data, playing time and last action (e.g. "play"). This data stays available even after refeshing tha page - player will simply resume its work, accurate to the second.

SoundCloud API support (more can come if there will be a high user demand). You can add tracks to playlist directly from SoundCloud as simple as they were from local resources.

Dynamic Playlist... You can add special Visual Composer modules or shortcodes, which will be able to dynamically load additional content to player playlist. Without any break in music playing of course!

New intuitive layout Experience layout which is always handy to use - no matter if it's displayed on PC, tablet or mobile phone. It's HTML5 compatible so the audio files embedded with this plugin will play on iOS devices.

Covers for tracks Every track in playlist can have its own cover image and waveform. Use autoplay option to play an audio/mp3 file as soon as the page loads.

Responsive layout and compatibility. Speaking of mobile devices - there is no worry that Scamp Player won't work or display properly on any popular device used these days.

Play any track using the player and when you find it elsewhere on the page it'll be marked with actual status (e.g. "play"), progress bar will be set and waveform loaded. Automatically! (These elements vary depending on the template)

Playlist that is able to load even hundreds of tracks. The only limitation for the Scamp Player playlist size is the speed of browsing machine (client side). Modern devices can handle even 300 of tracks loaded. It all depends on the limit, which you can personally adjust.

Player Supported

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